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Joe Brown, Applications Development Lead at SunTrust Bank, delves into how he defines the culture of DevOps. People often want to know what DevOps is. Where can I buy one? How do I get started? What are the right tools? Which consulting...



DevOps: More than a buzzword

Anshul Lalit, Global QA Manager at Kongsberg Digital, discusses how you can reap the benefits of DevOps and the effect it can have. With the...

Speeding up and de-risking agile transitions

To successfully compete in a global marketplace where digital speed and excellence are essential, large enterprises must bring agile best practices to their mainframe...


eight devops tips

Top DevOps customs

Technology consultant, Harsha Vardhan, shares his 8 best practices for DevOps. Teamwork, technology, resources, and a healthy work environment: familiar principles in a working society...
DevOps IoT

Nuts and bolts of DevOps for IoT

While the DevOps automation of the software components on cloud are more or less similar to usual deployments, there are a few aspects to...
security DevOps

DevOps without the security sacrifice

Kevin Bocek, Chief Security Strategist, Venafi, examines how to accelerate fast IT without sacrificing security. Earlier this year, Gartner research showed that 60% of organisations are using...
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