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The true cost of buggy software can amount to more than just lost revenue, so what can testers do to help mitigate such problems?


cloud-based tool

IBM launches cloud-based tool to monitor AI compliance

IBM launches a cloud-based tool which monitors artificial intelligence (AI) in order for enterprises to comply with regulations

Going from DevOps to DevSecOps

As a provider of test leadership for agile and DevOps, an innovator and a believer in change, Wayne Tofteroo believes there are always ways we can improve



NewVoiceMedia to transform customer experience with Rapid7

NewVoiceMedia announces that SecOps firm Rapid7 has selected its NVM Platform to deliver a "personalised, exceptional experience" to its globally expanding customer base
web hosting

Shared web hosting vs. cloud hosting

What's the difference between shared web hosting and hosting in the cloud? What best suits your business's needs?

The changing role of the developer: how to adapt in a fast moving world

As enterprises are increasingly pressured to deliver fast and frequent releases, developers are finding themselves taking on more responsibility than ever before
cloud automation

Tagging – the key element in enhanced cloud automation

Since the rise of DevOps practices and principles, the “automate everything” approach has become more and more popular. This is no surprise as it’s one of the main pillars of DevOps
mobile app

Mobile app testing in real-time

Dan Mcfall, CEO, Mobile Labs, discovers how a mobile device cloud makes manual testing happen in real-time