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While the DevOps automation of the software components on cloud are more or less similar to usual deployments, there are a few aspects to consider in the context of IoT, Vinothini Raju, Founder and CEO at Bluemeric Inc., explains....


security DevOps

DevOps without the security sacrifice

Kevin Bocek, Chief Security Strategist, Venafi, examines how to accelerate fast IT without sacrificing security. Earlier this year, Gartner research showed that 60% of organisations are using...

Stop hiring for ‘DevOps’, start hiring for Culture

Piotr Rochala, Solutions Engineer, Sportsbet, emphasises the importance of culture in trying to understand DevOps. It seems the buzzword of the year is DevOps. And...


Transforming a monolithic application

Peter Marton, Co-Founder and CTO, RisingStack, discusses how they transformed a monolithic application into a microservices one. Most software projects start with solving one...
DevOps future

How DevOps will change

Andrew Cureton, Managing Director, ECS Digital Practice, takes a position on what DevOps actually is, and what it will become. For me, DevOps is a...
data virtualisation DevOps

The need for DevOps and data virtualisation

Ash Ashutosh, CEO, Actifio, describes the blend of DevOps and data virtualisation that will make in-house software development more efficient. Every successful company collects data....
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