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The multi-cloud platform of more than 30 specialist healthcare partners, UK cloud Health, becomes a member of Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH), to help advance medicine research via genomic data sharing


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EU Commission produces new cloud computing strategy

By unleashing a new cloud computing strategy, the European Commission believes it will deliver a net gain of 2.5million new jobs in the economy, as well as an annual boost of EU€160billion by 2020
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Amazon adverts to excel cloud computing market share

The growth of Amazon's advertising market will excel its cloud computing business by 2021, according to analyst Michael Olson



Sustaining high mainframe code quality while improving velocity & efficiency

Compuware’s VP of Product Development, David Rizzo, offers advice on how organisations can maintain high-quality mainframe code as they work to increase velocity and efficiency across the business and roll out software more quickly

IBM achieves analytics at scale with Hortonworks

IBM announces it's recently been hosting analytics with Hortonworks to expand its data science capabilities and features of Apache Hadoop file systems, including data lake environments
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Want to be a part of TEST Magazine’s top 20 leading providers?

The software testing landscape changes rapidly and we, at TEST Magazine, find that an annual update on the marketplace is a good starting place as testers consider purchase decisions going forward

Amazon’s Cloud Executive joins Coinbase

Coinbase announces the hiring of Tim Wagner as Vice President of Engineering

The great cloud migration – keeping it secure

Cloud advocates must defuse conflicts by acting as educators and guiding the rest of the business through the implementation, according to Richard Latham, Principal Consultant at KCOM