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Software Testing News Journalist, Leah Alger, spoke to three assets from the software testing field to find out how the scope of software testing is changing


automation testing

Testers knowledge towards automation skills

If you look around the testing landscape you will see that manual testing roles are disappearing, but not manual testing itself. So, do we still need the skill sets of a manual tester? Or is it all about automation testing?
embedded testing

Applying DevOps and agile to embedded testing

Riel Carol, Head of Test at Global Stress Index, proposes a few ideas on how to apply the principles of agile and DevOps to embedded development and testing


three amigos

The importance of three amigos in agile!

In the world of testing, three amigos refer to primary perspectives to examine before, during, or after a development
DevOps Industry Awards 2018

The DevOps Industry Awards 2018 – enter your project!

For the chance to be a winner, enter your favourite project(s), individual(s), or team(s) to The DevOps Industry Awards 2018 before the 24 August 2018!

DevOps in the context of enterprise agility

DevOps Lead at Barclays, Barry Chandler, exclusively explains to Software Testing News Journalist, Leah Alger, the importance of focusing on enterprise agility and entrepreneurial thinking rather than DevOps in isolation
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