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Ian Molyneaux, Independent Consultant, talks in-depth about how continuous testing has a close relationship with non-functional testing, together driving an informed, agile and robust approach to enterprise software development and deployment


DevOps and legacy

Developing services with DevOps & legacy components

As a provider of test leadership for agile and DevOps, an innovator and a believer in change, Wayne Tofteroo believes there are always ways we can improve

IoT tech injected into NHS Foundation Trusts

Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust use Zebra Technology Corporation's MC18 computer to carry out mobile inventory and semi-automated management


software testing

What’s the software testing industry yet to see?

Software Testing News Journalist, Leah Alger, speaks to three assets from the software testing field to find out how the scope of software testing is changing
automation testing

Testers knowledge towards automation skills

If you look around the testing landscape you will see that manual testing roles are disappearing, but not manual testing itself. So, do we still need the skill sets of a manual tester? Or is it all about automation testing?
embedded testing

Applying DevOps & agile to embedded testing

Riel Carol, Head of Test at Global Stress Index, proposes a few ideas on how to apply the principles of agile and DevOps to embedded development and testing
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