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To help the United Nations (UN) store digital legal identification for refugees who have no licensed documents, technology companies Accenture and Microsoft have created a digital ID, which runs on blockchain. Citizens will be able to access personal details from...


integrating test

Integrating test automation into your development process

Andrew Holt discusses test automation with Georg Hansbauer, CTO of Testbirds
ICT studies

Experts warn ICT studies will halve by 2020

Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation figures show that fewer students have been taking computer science as GCSE, concerning ICT experts. According to the British...


Thomson Reuters Block IQ tool

Thomson Reuters launches blockchain tool

Thomson Reuters releases its new BlockOne IQ tool this Wednesday, so customers can plug market data that runs as blockchain into their systems. To help...
Veracode reveals DevOps and security clash

Veracode reveals DevOps and security have conflicting priorities

An application security company called Veracode announced the results of a study today, which examined the relationships between security teams and application developers. In conjunction...
SolutionsIQ helps Accenture

SolutionsIQ help Accenture master scrum and agile

Accenture has partnered with scrum and agile expert firm SolutionsIQ to boost the firm’s organisation and appearance. SolutionsIQ has companies throughout the US and provides...
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