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Want to be a part of TEST Magazine’s top 20 leading providers?

The software testing landscape changes rapidly and we, at TEST Magazine, find that an annual update on the marketplace is a good starting place as testers consider purchase decisions going forward

The great cloud migration – keeping it secure

Cloud advocates must defuse conflicts by acting as educators and guiding the rest of the business through the implementation, according to Richard Latham, Principal Consultant at KCOM
database DevOps

Database DevOps in the banking sector

Nexus Technology demonstrates the growing importance of database DevOps in the banking sector by adding Nexus Technology to its worldwide partner roster

Facing digital disruptions? Here’s how to better maintain your software!

Richard Simms, Test Architect, ROQ, unveils ways to prevent digital disruption by maintaining the quality of software
Software Testing Conference NORTH

Final Places available for National DevOps Conference 2018!

The National DevOps Conference 2018 is fast approaching! Held on the 16th - 17th October at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London, this two-day event...

Starbucks creates virtual coffee store with Chinese cloud giant

Starbucks partners with Chinese cloud giant Alibaba to help gain expertise in global delivery services

Scaling agile to increase portfolio visibility

Andy Fulluck, Netcompany, argues that as long as scaling is carried out in accordance with tried and tested efficient frameworks; this approach will reduce misunderstanding, remove obscurity and, most importantly, assure accountability and transparency throughout all processes until the project has been finalised

NIH to jump technological barriers via Google Cloud

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) launches a new initiative to harness the power of commercial cloud computing and provide NIH biomedical researchers access to the most advanced, cost-effective computational infrastructure, tools and services available
Outcome Based Payment

Outcome Based Payment – the modern service delivery method

Outcome Based Payment is an efficient, robust and now fully matured, modern service delivery method
digital economy

Cloud computing – the digital economy you must adapt!

Traditional platforms simply aren’t used anymore. Instead, it's all about the digital economy! This is why Lloyd's and TSB have been left behind, according to Cloud Security Architect, Hassan Altaf