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Telstra Ventures invests in GitLab to achieve faster DevOps lifecycles

Telstra Ventures invests in Gitlab for its core DevOps philosophy and to help support its entire development and operations lifecycle

German government chooses Nextcloud for open-source files

Nextcloud reveals its new three-year contract which consists of supplying the German federal government with its private, on-premises cloud platform

Fintech vs traditional finance from testers perspectives

Testers reveal how people implement fintech over traditional banking channels while touching upon DevOps and agile practices

Head of Test at YouView gives tips to shipping good quality code

Head of Test at YouView, Riel Carol, explains how good quality code is shipped to all required automated tests and frameworks 

Survey finds data breaches are catalysts for DevSecOps investments

DevSecOps Community Survey shares practitioner perspectives on evolving DevSecOps practices, shifting investments, and changing perceptions

Report says test analysis is the top skill for testing mobile apps

Kobiton announces the results of its survey on the challenges, goals and tactics of mobile application developers and testers

UCAS moves from waterfall to agile

Agile Test Engineer at UCAS, Gianni AU, explains why testing in an agile way is better than the traditional waterfall approach

Contino acquires Nebulr to expand APAC opportunities

Contino acquires Nebulr in hope to expand opportunities in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region

QA Manager celebrates five years at Lovehoney

Stepping up from QA Engineer to QA Manager, Julian Bowles celebrates his five year anniversary at Lovehoney by exclusively speaking to DevOps Online about his career and achievements 

Australian government backs United States Congress CLOUD Act

The United States Congress CLOUD Act has been backed by the Australian government, enabling law enforcement such as the FBI to access data stored in the USA