Product news

Product news

An open source continuous delivery and deployment blueprint

What is the difference between continuous delivery and continuous deployment? Can’t I do deployments with Jenkins and Blue Ocean?

Nokia unveils Air-Frame service for mobile network operators

Nokia announces it will be rolling out its latest Air-Frame service for mobile network operators, which is built for cloud-based radio networks

How to target DevOps bottlenecks in enterprise software delivery

Tasktop talks through the beauty of DevOps eliminating the bottleneck between code commit and deploy, accelerating software delivery speed

Omen Game Stream: HP’s cloud gaming solution

HP showcases its Omen Game Stream, which allows consumers to play on Windows systems through the cloud computing company Parsec

Compuware and SonarSource integrates COBOL code coverage metrics

Compuware and SonarSource releases new integrations that empower enterprise DevOps teams to track and validate code coverage of COBOL application testing

Spotify joins Linux’s app packing format Snap

Canonical has revealed that Spotify is now available as a ‘Snap’, the universal Linux app packaging format

TVPlayer launches the UK’s first cloud-based recording service

TVPlayer launches its new recording feature, allowing users to record their favourite TV shows in the cloud

Gemalto launches world’s first ‘all-in-one’ IoT module

Gemalto expands the industry's first IoT module to provide global connectivity

ConnectWise provides cloud-based management

ConnectWise unveils its pilot programme for ConnectWise Unite, in a bid to help TSPs automate and streamline billing

Telefonica joins OpenStack Public Cloud Passport programme

OpenStack launches the OpenStack Public Cloud Passport programme today in Sydney, providing its public cloud to consumers around the world