DevOps Industry Awards
DevOps Indusrtry Awards

The DevOps Industry Awards

The DevOps Industry Awards celebrate companies and individuals who have accomplished significant achievements when incorporating and adopting DevOps practices. 

Enter The DevOps Industry Awards and start on a journey of anticipation and excitement leading up to the awards night – it could be you and your team collecting one of the highly coveted awards.

Join us at the Awards Gala in October, where hundreds of senior IT professionals will gather to celebrate outstanding individuals, teams, and projects.

Why enter?

Entering The DevOps Industry Awards is an opportunity for the market as a whole to be acknowledged and praised. With such recognition comes self belief, enhanced awareness, the breeding of success, the attraction of fresh and bright talent, as well as bringing high levels of exposure and acclaim for individuals, teams, and organisations.

The DevOps Industry Awards offers networking, interaction and chance to learn from the global IT industry.

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Who should enter?

The DevOps Industry Awards is open to all individuals and businesses aligned with DevOps, irrespective of a business or project size.

However, all entries must have an affiliation to Europe – for example if you are an Indian-based business, provided your project was on behalf of a European business or was conducted in Europe, then your entry will be accepted.

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Awards categories

You are able to enter 12 different categories at The DevOps Industry Awards 2017, ranging from Best DevOps Automation Project to the DevOps Team of the Year. If you work in a specific sector, then there are also categories reflecting the Best Overall DevOps Project in Finance, Retail, Gaming, Public Sector or Communication.

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