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AWS and Google Cloud heavily criticise Microsoft for raising prices

Global computer firm, Microsoft has been condemned by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and senior executives from Google Cloud on its decision to raise prices for customers using its cloud and software services. Microsoft declared the verdict earlier this month, saying: “We’re updating the outsourcing terms for Microsoft on-premises licenses to…

Microsoft credit cloud computing for record revenue

Cloud computing has given Microsoft a record income in the last quarter, say the company. The tech giant also said that thanks to a strong performance under the chief executive, Satya Nadella, they now claim to be one of the world’s most valuable public companies. Rising above the predictions from…

ANZ use Agile in “biggest change to date”

Australia’s third-biggest banking group, ANZ, has adopted Agile as part of their ‘New Ways of Working’ (NWOW) programme. It has so far been applied to the 600 people in their Talent & Culture (T&C) division and is part of a wider improvement in team organisation for the company. Robert Marchiori,…

Testim raise $10 million in Series B funding

Testim, a prominent provider of software testing technology that uses AI, announced it closed $10 million in Series B funding. The San Francisco based company have already made success through enabling businesses to accelerate time-to-market. They are known for: ‘Super Fast authoring’ in which they are able to build stable…
Testim raise $10 million in Series B funding


The National Software Testing Conference 2018

National Software Testing Conference 2018 highlights

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Video: Digital Transformation of the Automobile


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Video: Enabling DevOps through Agile Security

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Why big cloud firms are feeling the threat

The way things are, cloud computing is dominated by three major companies. Microsoft Corp, Alphabet Inc and Amazon.com Inc. These enterprises have conjured up billions of dollars of business in recent years, with cloud computing making more for Amazon than its e-commerce business. However, as tech changes and people have…
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Google employees protest against cloud contract

Employees at one of the world’s biggest search engines, Google, are refusing to work on a contract with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The reluctance comes after President Trump’s long-running campaign to build a wall between Mexico and the USA as a way to curb immigration between the neighboring…
Google protest

IoT helps Scottish government deliver safe water

An Internet of Things backed government scheme has helped bring healthy water to 100 homes in the Highlands. M2M Cloud,  a Dundee based cloud solution company have partnered with Highland Council in creating a solution that helps check for legionella in the water system. Before the collaboration, engineers had to…

Redgate develops new database features

DevOps is spreading. As it grows the database is becoming a more organic part of the development process. This is resulting in teams wanting more copies of the databases to compare continuous changes. To deal with this, Redgate Software has upgraded its  SQL Clone to give quicker and simpler access to…

Smart Cities

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What cloud computing means for the future of smart cities

The latest in phone technology, 5G, has been causing controversy since its announcement last year. Some believe that its fast speeds of 10 Gbps will revolutionise the future of mobile tech, whilst others fear for the impact it will have on bandwidth and general signaling issues. However, whatever the opinion,…
Smart cities

Volkswagen pushes for agile working at new Berlin site

Car giant, Volkswagen, has begun its new We Campus facility in Berlin, with the intention of integrating and building agile practices into its teams. The aim of them using agile within the new working system, is so they can help connect developers, software engineers and outside consultants in a modern,…