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Digital transformation market to reach $2.3 trillion by 2023

Spending on technology and services that enable digital transformation (DX) is expected to reach $2.3 trillion (£1.8 trillion) by 2023, findings from an updated worldwide spending guide reports. The International Data Corporation’s (IDC)  Worldwide Semi-annual Digital Transformation Spending Guide focused on looking at DX within business practices, products, and organisations.…
Digital transformation

Multicloud to edge firm celebrates 70% business growth

NoSQL database company Couchbase has announced it has seen record growth in the first half of fiscal year 2020. As part of the growth, the database organisation say they have experienced 100% increase in total contract value, 55% billings growth and a 50% rise in average deal sizes. Increased drive…

GitLab Raises $268M in round E funding 

A DevOps based company that is known for delivering on a single application has announced its completion of a $268 million Series E round of funding. This has led to the firm being valued at a huge $2.75 billion. The recent subsidy for the DevOps enterprise, Gitlab, was forwarded by…

Agile market to reach $18.19 billion by 2026

The US agile transformation market has been estimated to reach $18.19 billion (£15 billion) by 2026 according to one report. Taken out by Allied Market Research, the study also predicts that the sector will have a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.9% in the next 7 years. The report…


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Public Sector

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IBM Cloud Infrastructure to help KAZ Mineral maintain its operations

IBM has recently developed a disaster recovery site by using IBM Cloud infrastructure. This project aims to help KAZ Mineral, a leading copper production company in Kazakhstan, in protecting and maintaining its operations, especially in case of a disaster. The company has been subjected to many unpredictable natural disasters over…

Data Center infrastructure spending believed to recover from 2021

Data center investment took an important toll with the spread of the pandemic. However, it is believed the spending will increase from 2021 and grow throughout 2024. According to Gartner, end-user data centre infrastructure spending worldwide should have a 6% increase in 2021 after 60% of planned construction projects have…

IBM splits to focus on Cloud

IBM has recently decided to split its IT services business off into a new company in order to allow its Cloud and AI business to grow. The services business is to become a public company, with $19 billion in revenue, managing enterprise-owned IT. Regarding the rest of IBM, it will…

How can Serverless technologies Benefit DevOps?

As the software world is constantly evolving, development practices are also expected to change and adapt to new challenges. With growing competition and increased customer expectations, there is a need to drive the speed of development all the while maintaining reassuring reliability against defects. DevOps is thus the solution to…

Smart Cities

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IoT market will be dominated by CCTV in the next three years

CCTV using 5G will be the most dominant technology in the IoT solutions market over the next three years, ICT analyst Gartner has predicted However, the firm also believes that after the year 2023, connected cars will be the most prevalent in the Internet of Things market. The figures Next…
IoT market

What cloud computing means for the future of smart cities

The latest in phone technology, 5G, has been causing controversy since its announcement last year. Some believe that its fast speeds of 10 Gbps will revolutionise the future of mobile tech, whilst others fear for the impact it will have on bandwidth and general signaling issues. However, whatever the opinion,…
Smart cities


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