5G trends to dominate the service provider market


A recent study from Spirent Communications revealed that 5G trends are expected to accelerate and, eventually, to dominate the key service provider market in the coming year.

Indeed, it was found out that North America, Europe, and Asia, were pursuing 5G SA core testing and deployments such as customer experience and service assurance solutions and investments in transport infrastructures. New services and differentiation are then driving 5G standalone throughout all these regions.

It was also noticed that partnerships, early trials, and deployments between hyperscalers and service providers have been growing

However, there are still a number of key challenges to face including supporting high release volumes and managing multi-vendor performance. Besides, providers are looking for ways to benchmark edge performance and integrate assurance for consistent, deterministic latency, which remains a key battleground within the industry.

Moreover, the study noted that Open RAN is a very active sector, with 45 ongoing Open RAN trials and early deployments across 27 countries. It was found out that the leading 5G service providers are mainly targeting larger-scale Open RAN non-dense urban roll-outs during 2022.

It is then likely that early deployments will be focused on rural, indoor, and private coverage.