An Interview with DevOps Industry Awards Judge Chandri Krishnan


Chandri Krishnan, Head of Engineering at Just eat Takeaway, is a Judge for the upcoming DevOps Industry Awards 2022

He told us all about what to expect for the Awards as well as gave some insightful advice to future participants:


Have you been to the Awards before, and if so, what did you enjoy the most about it?

I was honored to be part of the Judging panel in 2021 – my first year with the DevOps Industry Awards. That was pretty special for me since the awards ceremony was my first in-person event in 18 months. It was exciting to review the submissions from a wide spectrum of companies, solving a variety of problems, with a large scope. The awards ceremony itself was very well hosted, a black-tie event with a few hundred participants. It was a huge opportunity to network with leaders in the DevOps space.

What are you looking for in entries?

I look for a narrative in entries, that simply explains the initiative. The best entries, in my opinion, were the ones that started with the business context and the problems they were trying to solve. DevOps and Technology are important, but a proper context makes them meaningful.

What do you value the most in projects?

DevOps is all about data. I look for metrics before the start, observations along the way, and where you ended up with. Also, real life is not all roses, so be sure to include challenges encountered along the way and how you course-corrected.

What are you looking forward to the most?

I am excited to be associated with DevOps Industry Awards for the second year in a row. I am looking forward to learning about the challenging problems this year and how the best in the industry are solving them.

Do you have any tips for this year’s participants?  

Three tips:

  • Focus on your story – where you started from, what you did, what you measured, where you ended up with
  • Simplify – don’t meander on, keep a tight focus on the narrative, and keep it brief
  • Avoid jargon – don’t waste your time on generic statements


If you are interested in the DevOps Industry Awards, submit a project HERE.