APAC organisations to lead in open-source software adoption


A recent report by Red Hat revealed that the Asia-Pacific (APAC) organizations are leading the way regarding the adoption of open-source software.

Indeed, it stated that over two-thirds of IT leaders in the region are using open source for their infrastructure modernization, which is closely followed by DevOps and digital transformation.

Besides, APAC organizations are already leading the container adoption, with 53% in the ‘in-production’ stage. It is also expected that the use of containers will only rise in the year.

Moreover, the APAC region remains ahead of other regions in using open-source for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) workloads. By doing so, APAC IT leaders are enjoying higher quality software, the latest innovations, and the approval of the smartest software engineers.

Yet, there are still some challenges to tackle such as the security of open-source software, although this is slowly improving.

Hence, the APAC region showed the largest growth in using open-source software amidst the pandemic, while respondents in the US, UK, and Canada stated that their adoption remained quite unchanged.