Banco Santander to complete its migration by 2023


Banco Santander is on its way to migrate its entire IT infrastructure to the cloud and aims to be done by 2023.

Indeed, the Spanish bank has successfully migrated 60% of its IT infrastructure so far, by moving 200 servers to the cloud every working day over the past two years. Its fast migration to the cloud proved itself useful as the bank was able to ensure customer service availability during the pandemic. Hence, the bank registered a 60% increase in its customers’ digital activity.

Banco Santander was successful in handling the lockdowns by quickly enabling its staff to work remotely, which was made possible by the cloud platform. Thus, more than 100,000 employees were able to work from home in a few days.

Moreover, Santander’s cloud platform uses in-house and supplier capabilities, allowing its 16,500 developers access to the latest tech so as to give them the possibility to add the functionality customers demand in the age of digital banking.

Besides, the bank hired 3,000 people to its global IT team in order to have the best and most innovative talent to accelerate its technological and digital transformation.