BMG partners with Google Cloud to transform its IT infrastructure


BMG, a music publisher and record label, has started to collaborate with Google Cloud to digitally transform its business so it can better adapt to changing consumer habits.

After BMG faced a decline in physical media sales, the company seeks to transform its IT infrastructure to make it easier to answer customer demand for music in streaming services. Indeed, streaming now represents 56% of music sales globally. Hence, BMG has to manage a lot of data.

In order to make this easier and quicker, the company wants to migrate 1,500 components, servers, and databases to the Google Cloud Platform. With its modeling data in Google Cloud, BMG could then have more access to previous data insights including the popularity of some downloads, and help discover new revenue opportunities.

Hence, the company is using its serverless data warehouse with open-source data analytics tools so as to manage the compute resources that it needs to run its royalty processing tasks. This then allows BMG to find relevant data across the music lifecycle with analytics tools that will benefit the artist and songwriter clients.

With Google Cloud, BMG is able to optimize their business and make its services more efficient and appropriate.

BMG is not the first media customer to come to Google Cloud in order to improve its services, as ITV, SKY, Spotify and many others have already turned to the cloud provider in the past.