Business and IT departments to disagree over implementing tech strategies


Although digital transformation is accelerating throughout the industry, businesses are not in agreement with their IT departments when it comes to implementing technology strategies.

Indeed, a recent study by found out that decision-makers outside of IT departments still don’t recognise the extent of change provided through digital transformation. Of all the respondents that believe they have fully implemented their digital transformation strategy, only 20% are decision-makers outside the IT Department and 80% are IT decision-makers. 

Moreover, 79% of IT decision-makers agree that they have done significant DevOps and cloud services adoption, compared to 61% and 58% respectively of non-IT decision-makers. Besides, 80% of ITDMs agree that they have undergone significant data analytics adoption, while only 42% of non-ITDMS believe the same. 

The majority of respondents think that their organisation is only in the very early stages of implementing their digital transformation strategy or has only partially implemented it.