Citizen data scientists to be growing in importance


As organisations face a crucial shortage of data scientists, many of them are considering hiring citizen data scientists.

Indeed, a citizen data scientist is someone who develops and generates models that leverage predictive or prescriptive analytics but without working directly in statistics or analytics. More and more enterprises are willing to have a citizen data scientist on their team due to the industry shortage of data scientists and the cost-prohibitive salaries they demand.

Citizen development and analytics can be very useful in the development of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet reports and the use of no-code or low-code report generators that do not require much IT involvement. By using these tools, end-user citizen developers can develop their own analytics reports and what-if analyses.

However, it is necessary for businesses to upskill non-data scientists so that they can have a working knowledge of data science skills and take on more complex data science work. Data scientists are still needed but citizen data scientists can help organisations understand and organize their data all the while easing the workload of data scientists.