Cloud skills to be most in-demand in the UK by 2025


By 2025, cloud skills and the ability to use cloud-based tools will be the most in-demand in the UK.

Indeed, a recent survey by Amazon Web Services (AWS) found out that cloud skills and tools will become increasingly important in the next few years. However, it was reported that the majority of the workforce lack these abilities as only 45% of employees possess cloud competencies.

79% of employers believe this is an opportunity as providing digital skills training in the workplace will result in greater employee diversity, as well as better innovation and revenue. By doing so, organisations will be attracting and retaining workers moreĀ as digital skills training is shown to improve employability and efficiency at work.

Moreover, the report found out that training for people with disabilities and for the unemployed needs to be improved as only 25% of businesses currently provide targeted digital skills training support for people with disabilities, and 16% do it for unemployed individuals.