Cyber and networking teams need to work together to ensure security of projects


A recent report by Netskope revealed that many digital transformation projects were being jeopardized due to poor relationships between cybersecurity and networking teams.

Indeed, the study found that 54% of European CIOs believed that failure to collaborate properly prevented their organisation from realising the full benefits of digital transformation.

43% of European IT professionals indeed declared that their security and networking teams didn’t work together much while 46% of security professionals and 48% of networking professionals described their relationships in negative terms.

Hence, the report urges network and security teams to work together in order to realise digital transformation and its benefits. By doing so, both teams could boost productivity across the wider organisation, improve visibility and control, as well as expand infrastructure to support growth.

Moreover, 82% of both security and networking professionals believe that security is part of the networking team’s overall responsibility as it is built into the network architecture. Security is then a big challenge ever since the pandemic.