CyberFirst Girls competition to introduce more girls to cybersecurity


The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) hosted the first round of the CyberFirst Girls competition, allowing more than 6,500 schoolgirls, aged 12 to 13 from across the UK to learn and discover more about cybersecurity.

During the competition, the girls are asked to solve a number of tasks including puzzles covering cryptography, logic, and networking, all set by NCSC and its partners. This aims to help them choose their subjects for GCSE and inspire them to consider a career in cybersecurity, where women are unfortunately still under-represented.

The NCSC hopes that this will lead to more girls and women wanting to be a part of the cybersecurity industry, which is in dire need of new talents, especially in times where most people are working online.

Since its launch in 2017, the CyberFirst Girls competition gathered more than 37,000 girls from across the UK and it is hoping to introduce more young girls and women to this industry in the coming years.

The competition will continue on March 19 as the top-scoring school teams will face their regional rivals in the semi-finals. The final will be held in April in a virtual event where the champions will receive their prize.