Datacentres in Dublin at risk of flooding in the future


Following the Dublin Climate Summit, it was reported that data centers in the city are at high risk of being flooded in the coming years due to climate change.

Indeed, the company Cervest published a 3D data visualisation of a climate scenario showing the severity of floods by 2100, which will include businesses, private property, and energy suppliers. If power stations are affected, this could then lead to disruption to datacentres in Dublin and elsewhere, creating outage, downtime, and network-wide disruption.

There are also risks of having knock-on impacts across the network which will affect significantly the business continuity of the critical telecommunications infrastructure.

As the market for datacentre has been rising in the past few years, it has now become one of the largest in Europe. It is then necessary to know all climate risks and put into place mitigation policies including national emissions reduction commitments, deforestation pledges, and mandatory legislation on reporting standards.