DDoS attacks to target mainly the US and the computers and internet sectors


A recent study by Atlas VPN revealed that cybercriminals are targeting mainly the United States as well as computers and internet sectors.

Indeed, it was found out that more than a third of DDoS attacks worldwide have targeted US servers in June 2021 only. DDoS attacks can cause the interruption of a website or service, which can then result in financial damages to the businesses. They can then be extremely dangerous.

In June, it was reported that U.S.-based targets were subjected to 35.3% of DDoS attacks while the UK was targeted by 29.4% of attacks, and China by 18%.

On the other hand, the computer and internet industry was hit by 83.2% of all DDoS attacks. These attacks against these targets are said to be very damaging as hackers are able to disrupt other companies using attacked business services.