Developers to be vital for business’ development during the pandemic


A new survey by Twilio revealed the important contribution of software developers for businesses’ survival during the pandemic.

Indeed, it was found out that almost all UK businesses consider developers to be vital for digital transformation and for achieving efficient response to the pandemic. Yet, most of them haven’t discovered the full potential of developers.

The report highlighted that 96% of respondents believe the role of technology to have been a major factor to deal with the sanitary crisis, thus, increasing the value of developers.

However, it is still noticeable that developers aren’t used to their full potential. Indeed, only 47% of organizations engage developers at the start of a project, with the majority only bringing them in later down the line. Developers are a creative workforce who can solve major business challenges and create invaluable customer products if they are given the opportunity. It is vital that organizations bring them in from the onset to understand objectives so as to unleash their power and thus, the power of the code they write.

Hence, the survey noted that businesses are more and more realizing the value of developers, with 95% of IT leaders saying the role of developers was important for digital transformation. Besides, it also showed that financial services organizations have embraced developers most.

Yet, developer involvement in strategy still remains unchanged despite their immense contribution during the pandemic. Before the pandemic, only 36% of respondents declared developer teams to be heavily involved in strategic decision-making in their organizations, a number that has barely risen since then.

Therefore, there is an important need to have developers help with business problems in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of companies.