DevOps professionals to look for better career path


A recent survey from EDB revealed that management and soft skills training fell behind during the pandemic.

Indeed, the staff turnover in the UK cost around £16.9 billion in 2021, while the demand for tech jobs has been higher than ever. Hence, this has made really difficult to recruit and hold onto talent.

The report found out that employees are more likely to quit for a better career path and learning opportunities. It was stated that 24% of respondents will find a new job in order to have improved career path options, 17% for better mentorship, and 16% for the opportunity to work with more cutting edge technologies

Moreover, the study showed that 53% viewed their employer’s approach to new technology training more favourably, while 48% had a more favourable perception of compliance training.

However, 59% of respondents viewed their organization’s approach to management training less favourably.