DevOps teams to be overwhelmed by security tasks


It was recently found out that DevOps teams are overwhelmed by the pressure of securing their organisations. 

Indeed, a recent report from Invicti Security showed that 78% of DevOps and security professionals have experienced increased stress levels over the last year. It was even reported that one in five respondents have considered leaving their jobs due to that. 

One of the reasons for this is the number of security tasks imposes on DevOps and security professionals due to a cyber security skills shortage. As a result, around 70% of respondents frequently or always skipped security steps when delivering projects. 

Not having security in the software development lifecycle can become an issue, as it leads to less secure software. Yet, only one in five have stated to be fully integrating security into the development process. Moreover,  only seven in ten of those that fully adopted security in the software development phase regularly scanned more than three-quarters of their applications for vulnerabilities and then fix them. 

In order to improve this, DevOps and security professionals have asked for more automation to lighten their tasks as well as more security training.