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Being owned, managed and delivered by 31 Media, the organisation behind the globally recognised DevOps Industry Awards, North American DevOps  Awards, National DevOps Conference and DevOps Online it will come as no surprise that visitors to DevOps online are not only in abundance, but also an extremely focused and interactive group of professionals that are all dedicated to the pursuit of excellence within DevOps Industry.

DevOps Online Webinars provide sponsors with a platform where they can educate the audience and position themselves as thought leaders while at the same time encourage learning and interaction in a structured and dynamic digital environment.

DevOps Online Webinars are a proven vehicle to generate leads, interact with peers, potential customers, and likeminded professionals; all of who are keen to understand how the sponsor has helped overcome their customers key challenges.

The DevOps Online Customer Experience Webinars provide a platform for a sponsor to chair and facilitate a live event in partnership with one of their customers if they so desire. Interacting with a knowledge hungry audience that are keen to understand the real world issues faced by the sponsors customer and how the issues were overcome.

Sponsorship Benefits


50-100 engaged participants


Wish list of companies targeted on your behalf


Branding on all webinar promotional material


Recognition on social media exposure


Chairing and facilitating the webinar itself


Interactive Q&A session at the end of the presentation/discussion


Invitation for your client to present to the audience as part of the process


Webinar hosted on STN post event for a minimum of 12 months to increase awareness


Recording of the webinar to distribute as the sponsors sees fit


Article published on STN, post-event, reflecting the content of the webinar


GDPR compliant data of all those that registered and participated

Cost – £7,500 + VAT


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At Software Testing News (STN) we are very proud that we have built up over a decade such a solid and interactive community of software testing and QA professionals.  Our aim has always been to ensure that software testing is recognised at the highest level.

With that in mind we have produced the prestigious and internationally recognised European Software Testing Awards, The National Software Testing Conference, North American Software Testing Awards, and Test Magazine.  It therefore becomes very clear that our reach spans the globe and consists of thousands upon and thousands of high level testing and QA professionals from all industry sectors.

Geographical reach

UK – 38%

Europe – 26%

North America – 28%

Asia – 7%

ROW – 1%

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