DevOpsOnline Webinar

DevOps Online news is the industry news portal for any professional that has an interest in software Development life cycle. Being owned, managed and delivered by 31 Media, the organisation behind the globally recognised DevOps Industry Awards, North American DevOps  Awards, National DevOps  Conference and DevOps online; each visitor can expect a truly immersive experience as they interact with some of the industry leading professionals.

DevOps Online is delighted to offer an immersive Webinar experience for each of our customers that enables them to harvest the latest information available, understand and benefit from live customer case studies, get to the heart of pressing subjects and submerge themselves in the latest tools and technology on the market today.

Customer Experience Webinar

For those professionals that wish to understand and explore the challenges customers have faced, and then go on to learn how they have overcome the issues in hand; the Customer Experience Webinar is for you.

Knowledge Sharing Webinar

For those professionals that are keen to understand the latest industry trends and learn from some of the community’s leading minds, while at the same time discussing and debating the most pressing issues; the Knowledge Sharing Webinars is for you