EU to require more cybersecurity graduates to bridge skills gap


It was recently found out that the EU requires more cybersecurity graduates in order to fill out the skills gap.

Indeed, a recent study by the ENISA online security agency reported that the public sector of EU countries should support a more unified approach to infosec-focused higher education and have more students in cybersecurity.

Across the 27 states, 77% are at master’s degree level while only 17% are undergraduate degrees and 6% are at postgraduate level. Enhancing the skills of students in higher education will then help raise the base level of future professionals and develop a more sustainable group of individuals that can work in the infosec sector. It was pointed out that the UK has a growing infosec degree programme with the National Cyber Security Centre sponsoring degree programmes at similar academic levels.

However, cyber is not tackled enough and it is very likely that topics such as governance, risk, compliance, and law will become more important in the future. Cybersecurity education is growing in the West as the demand for skilled infosec personnel is increasing due to cyber attacks on the public and private sectors.

Hence, the quality of education offered through cybersecurity degrees is more vital than ever.