GCHQ to have dyslexic data analysts in its apprenticeship programme


It was recently found out that the GCHQ agency was hiring many apprentices with dyslexia as they possess valuable skills in spotting different patterns.

Indeed, as the agency is moving towards high-tech cybersecurity and data analysis, having people who can notice when something is out of place is essential. It was stated that dyslexic people have skills such as pattern recognition when looking through large amounts of data, which could become key in preventing a cyberattack.

Hence, in order to encourage dyslexic people to apply to the programme, GCHQ has been actively promoting itself as a neurodiverse employer as well as offering adjustments to its recruitment process, including allowing people to bring mind maps or have extra time. The agency is also working on having awareness training for managers and peer support groups.

This apprenticeship scheme is then very attractive to people with dyslexia as many don’t feel comfortable in traditional education environments. GCHQ aims to become an example of how employers can take advantage of the distinctive ways people with dyslexia process information.