Global edge computing infrastructure market to rise by 2028


According to a recent report from LF Edge, $800 billion of capital expenditures will be spent on new and replacement IT server equipment and edge computing facilities by 2028.

Indeed, the report showcased that the demand for edge infrastructure will accelerate after the COVID-19 crisis. Hence, there will be more deployment of new technologies such as wireless 5G and autonomous vehicles, and that is will impact every industry.

With the pandemic speeding up the development of tools for remote monitoring, provisioning repair, and management, expertise in legacy data centers will become obsolete and the cost of edge computing will decrease immensely in the next few years.

The report also noted that the areas that are experiencing the most growth in the global infrastructure edge power are automotive, smart grid, and enterprise technology.

Hence, manufacturing increased from 3.9% to 6.2%, with companies bolstering their supply chain and inventory management capabilities and capitalizing on automation technologies and autonomous systems. Healthcare also increased as there is a shift towards remote healthcare, digital data management, and assisted living. Finally, smart cities rose up to 6.1% as it is expecting increased expenditures in digital infrastructure in areas like surveillance, public safety, city services, and autonomous systems.