Google Cloud to launch a new cloud skills programme in the UK


Google Cloud recently launched a new UK-focused cloud skills programme pilot in order to help more young people interested in the cloud.

Indeed, the Katalyst programme aims to make careers in the cloud accessible to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds with the help of the global non-profit youth employability programme provider Generation. This initiative intends on increasing cloud talent in order to allow companies to migrate more of their applications and workloads off-premise.

The programme then is working on lowering the barriers to entry for underrepresented groups and giving them opportunities for them to specialise in Google Cloud Tech. With Generation UK, they will be able to train people and help them find work in industries that could be inaccessible to them.

The initiative will have a trial of 12 weeks in the summer and will provide 25 participants access to technical training and education on the soft skills needed in tech. They will also have access to employment opportunities and secure a Google Digital Leader certification. In the future, the programme will be open to hundreds of students and expand overseas.

Project Katalyst will then create new opportunities for talents and companies in the tech and cloud sector.