Google Cloud to launch free courses in cloud, AI and data analytics


Google Cloud has recently announced that it will be offering free training and courses to certification.


The training will be focused on data analytics, AI, machine learning, and multi-cloud services. Through a set of skills challenges, each participant will get a greater knowledge of various subjects and even an opportunity to earn a Google skill badge to prove their competency.


This free training will offer important access and insight into the most used cloud services, making the participants ready for the professional market.


Moreover, the courses will offer 30 days of free access to Google Cloud Labs so they can work on their skill challenges such as Data Analytics, Hybrid and Multi-cloud and Machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence.


At the end of each course, the participants will earn a skill badge, which is the equivalent of a foundational certificate.


Through the training, they will learn various skills from how to write cloud shell commands, deploy a virtual machine, run applications on Kubernetes to using Apps Script, building classification and forecasting models as well as using Cloud Speech API, AI Platform, and Cloud Vision API.


By doing so, Google Cloud is preparing the next generation of developers in all current cloud and AI technology.