Google Cloud to launch mission-critical services option on its platform


Google Cloud recently announced the launch of a new support option with mission-critical services on its platform, that is intended for its Premium Support customers.

Indeed, this new service, called Mission Critical Services (MCS), aims to give Google’s own experience with Site Reliability Engineering to its customers. It will be a consultative offering in which Google partners with the users on a journey toward readiness.

For this, Google will be working with its customers to improve the architecture of their apps and install the right monitoring systems and controls, as well as set and raise their service-level objectives.

Moreover, Google will also offer many check-ins with its engineers so as to allow us to monitor, prevent, and mitigate impacts quickly, and deliver a quick response in the industry.

Therefore, this will show that Google Cloud is working to differentiate itself from the rest of the cloud providers, by providing quality service experiences for its customers.