Google to move its cloud computing tasks to carbon-free datacentres


Google announced recently that it would be moving its cloud computing task to datacentres where there is a surplus of carbon-free energy available.

Indeed, the company declared that a new capability was allowing them to shift cloud computing tasks between different server farms based on regional, hourly fluctuations in the availability of carbon-free energy so as to ensure its workloads are running in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

The new platform can then do everything it usually does while relying on carbon-intensive energy in order to shift computing across the globe, favouring regions where there’s more carbon-free electricity.

By doing so, the company is looking to run its entire operations on decarbonized energy by 2030. This is a logical next step for Google as it is trying to cut the carbon emissions generated by its operations. Hence, it is now able to shift more electricity use to where carbon-free energy is available.

Google’s global carbon-intelligent computing platform aims to increasingly reserve and use hourly compute capacity on the cleanest grids available worldwide for these compute jobs.