Google to open-source VR painting app


This week, Google announced that they had definitely ended the development of Tilt Brush, a VR painting app, which was one of the first VR software projects, launched in 2016. The app allowed people to use virtual reality controllers as brushes to construct digital sculptures and environments.

Yet, the company declared that they will be open-sourcing the code on Github for developers so as they can build their own projects and customizations. Besides, the app will still be available in the app stores on VR headsets but it will no longer feature new updates.

By open-sourcing the app, Google seeks to support artists using it, allowing them to learn how the project was created and inspire them.

Patrick Hackett, who co-created Tilt Brush, left the company a few weeks before the announcement.

Moreover, last month, Google also shut down Poly, a 3D object library that allowed users to share digital arts, including those made with Tilt Brush software.