Hackers to target essential industries and common vulnerabilities


A recent report by NTT Ltd. revealed how hackers are taking advantage of the pandemic and the shift to remote working to target essential industries and common vulnerabilities.

Indeed, it was stated that manufacturing, healthcare, and finance industries all witnessed an increase in attacks globally, with these top three sectors accounting for a total of 62% of all attacks in 2020. Besides, in the UK and Ireland, manufacturing was the most targeted industry, accounting for 80% of all attacks in 2020, followed closely by the finance sector at 18%.

The study also reported an important increase of application-specific and web-application attacks, which accounted for 90% of all attacks in the UK and Ireland.

Hence, it was showcased that healthcare and manufacturing industries had relatively low global maturity scores, which have decreased last year while attacks have significantly risen. Similarly, the manufacturing industry also witnessed a decrease in mature security levels.

However, the finance sector has one of the highest maturity benchmark scores.