The DevOps Industry Forum merges the conference and exhibition formats by allowing delegates to relax in a comfortable, and educational environment. Attendees can listen to independent industry speakers who will be discussing the most pressing challenge in DevOps industry and their DevOps journey.  Each delegate can go on and listen to Client’s case studies, opinions, and user-experiences, presentations, and then perhaps discuss any problems and challenges in an interactive clinic or workshop,all this taking place in one slick, fast past, professionally delivered day that includes all refreshments and a delicious lunch.

Why Attend?

The DevOps Industry Forum has several benefits for both delegates and exhibitors:

  • Benefiting from independent industry speakers
  • Interactive workshops and clinics
  • Removes the hustle & bustle of an exhibition, reducing distractions
  • Increases focused and a more detailed understanding of client case studies
  • Allows for a more focused, informed decision to take place
  • Lunch & refreshments
  • Exhibition
  • Peer to peer networking
  • One day event
  • Beautiful Central London location