Micro Focus

Enterprise DevOps—Build and deliver better software faster

In the digital economy, winning the high-speed race to innovate requires a high-speed approach. With our solutions, you can unleash the power of DevOps across your hybrid IT landscape—quickly bringing innovative ideas to life at the pace your business demands. Now speed and quality can go hand in hand.

Our Enterprise DevOps solutions help you:

  • Build on what works
    You’ve invested in a world-class infrastructure, so why rip and replace what already works? Instead, scale DevOps practices across proven IT assets. Continually enhance and transform them. Bridge old and new technologies as you navigate change. It’s a faster, less risky approach with clear time-to-value advantages.
  • Reduce operational friction
    Customers are hungry for the next new thing today, not tomorrow. Ensure timely delivery by optimizing value streams from mainframe to mobile. Align stakeholder priorities. Automate everything. Provide real-time visibility. And scale DevOps with confidence. Start now, because customers won’t wait.
  • Boost business confidence
    All too often, quality and security are inconvenient afterthoughts. Shift them left and upfront in the delivery process. You’ll see potential problems sooner and resolve them before they actually occur. Ultimately, your amazing outcomes will wow customers and boost business confidence.
  • Deliver better outcomes
    Successful digital transformation requires relentless assessment and course correction. Take an analytics-driven approach to change. Harness real-time data and KPIs across the DevOps toolchain. You’ll get the actionable insights and ongoing feedback you need to deliver exactly what customers want.