Dave Whyte
Operations Squad Lead
Auto Trader

Dave Whyte: is an Operations Squad Lead at Auto Trader UK and a Co-Organiser of the DevOps Manchester Meetup. Auto Trader is the largest digital automotive marketplace in the UK. Over the last 15 years, Dave has played a key part in continually evolving the IT Operations department which has resulted in enviable levels of stability, availability and performance. This has been achieved through the practical implementation of support processes, embracing the benefits of the Public Cloud and adapting to ever increasing organisational agility.


Under the bonnet at Auto Trader

As the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace, Auto Trader UK prides itself on how simple it is for its consumers and retailers alike to buy and sell cars on their platform. To do it they rely on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) plus Istio. Istio has helped increase application visibility, org agility and effectively secure their production environment, without sacrificing developer productivity.

Dave Whyte has been in various operational roles at Auto Trader over the last 15+ years. In this session he will take you under the bonnet and showcase some of the inner workings around Auto Trader’s DevOps tooling that has been built to support the new Public Cloud environment and the increase in release velocity.

This includes:

  • Talking through our Platform Dashboard, this is essentially our ‘DevOps’ portal, it is a live application directory, it has essential application details including application owner, network policies and links to logs, tracing and various other useful sources
  • Showcasing the dependency graph, this is a visualisation of all applications and their dependency’s
  • Talking about the various Service Mesh dashboard(s) and how important these are to Developers and Operations improving overall application visibility and ensuring we can easily see overall cost details
  • Showcasing how we handle alerts and plans for the future.


  • An insight into how a company with around 350 apps on a platform with Kubernetes and istio service mesh operates
  • How to effectively track a high release velocity (130+ releases a day)
  • How to have essential details of all your cloud apps in one place
  • How to get your developers to be more responsible for service impacting issues (if they are not already)