Jason McKelliget
Director Of DevOps Transformation
BT TV & Broadband

Jason is a transformation leader who has spent the last 20 years designing and delivering large IT programmes and solutions in various locations across the globe. He has lived through traditional ways of working and knew there must be a better, more sustainable way of delivering value. For the last 6 years Jason has been delivering business transformation through the implementation of capabilities such as Continuous Delivery, Lean and Agile ways of working and Transformational Leadership. He has been at BT for 3 years and prior to that has worked at well known companies such as Channel 4, Disney, At&T and Heathrow Ltd His aim in BT is to continuously transform people’s lives by improving the way they work to deliver value faster and safely. Jason lives in Berkshire and has three children. He loves surfing, snowboarding and playing football.


LEADing BT: Lean Enterprise Agile DevOps in BT TV & Broadband

Jason will share what BT does to drive modernisation in TV & Broadband in the UK and some of the learning they have had over the past few years as they moved to more lean and agile working practises. He will shed light on the framework and methods they have used to drive transformation in a big telco/media company.