Radhika Murthy Jakkula
Data Engineer

Radhika is a certified Big Data Engineer with 16+ years of experience in Data & Analytics and Engineering working for one of the FAANG companies in London. She has experience of implementing Big Data in various Financial Services & Public Sector organisations and has in-depth knowledge of several Big Data and Cloud technologies. She is passionate engineer who has helped several clients in building data-oriented products through continuous iterations and improvements while embracing the challenge of handling petabytes to exabytes of data. She is an expert in assessing a wide range of requirements and applying relevant Big Data tools and frameworks to create a robust architecture.

Choosing cloud Vs on-prem for modern workloads

The topic guides organisations on which cloud strategy to choose, benefits of each type, what are the various factors to consider while choosing this, what are the steps to follow for implementation, finally some benefits that AWS can bring to the organisations.