Ricardo Moreira
DevOps Manager

Ricardo has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, where the last 6 years were with a focus on DevOps ways of working.

He started within Vodafone world (UK Networks) in 2013 delivering Services from a Vendor perspective and since 2019 been working for Vodafone Business DevOps CoE as DevOps SME and nowadays VBIT Delivery Factory DevOps Manager with several different services under his responsibility.
Under the DevOps CoE, Ricardo has driven with success several projects across Vodafone Business improving DevOps maturity and  KPIs. As part of his role he successfully helped in spreading the word and the implementation of DevOps methodologies.

In his previous roles before Vodafone, he has not only built and delivered several software solutions but also implemented and improved workflows and DevOps ways of working. He has hands-on experience in building Software products across the entire lifecycle from the original idea to the delivery stage and, of course, building DevOps Teams.

DevOps – Journey of a transformation culture for High-Performance Teams

A journey of Technical High-Performance DevOps Teams by Ricardo Moreira Vodafone VBIT Delivery Factory DevOps Manager. Shaping technology’s future by focusing on the importance of the Team and collaboration, leadership with hands-on Experience, Metrics and KPIs definition. The shift left meaning and the right tools for the job.