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Global App Testing

The leading end-to-end functional testing solution to solve your QA challenges

We understand that delivering quality software at speed comes with many challenges: pressure to release faster, lack of resources, incomplete testing coverage, app crashes impacting revenue, drop in product quality and many more.  With so many pressures,scaling your QA can prove quite challenging. That’s why we developed a high-impact approach to testing  that combines crowdtesting and intelligent automation to help you release high quality software anywhere in the world.

Release high quality at speed – anywhere in the world

Leverage a crowd of over 50,000 professional, vetted testers from over 189 countries to test on any device/OS combination, anywhere in the world. Our solution acts as an extension of your team, and we’re on hand 24/7/365.  We bring together functional testing via exploratory testing, test case execution and test automation, so your team can quickly receive testing results and iterate faster.

Seamlessly launch tests from the comfort of your own tools

Our on-demand testing platform enables you to launch tests at the click of a button – straight from within the tools you’re already using (Jira, GitHub, Slack, TestRail and Zephyr). From smoke testing to test case execution and exploratory testing, results are delivered directly into your existing tools, so your team’s workflow goes uninterrupted. Speak to a member of our team to find out more about our product and integrations.

We support your team and processes by: 

  • Increasing customer impact
  • Maximising budget efficiency
  • Reducing development cycle by up to 50%
  • Scaling tests that cannot be traditionally automated
  • Easing internal and external pressures
  • Building a long term, scalable QA strategy
  • Integrating seamlessly into your existing workflow

Security you can count on

Global App Testing has successfully completed it’s ISO 27001 audit, which means we meet the highest worldwide security standards and  are proud to be the only crowdtesting solution to have such certification. Our powerful processes and policies ensure the highest levels of security, integrity and availability of data.