Low-code and no-code platforms to have increased


A recent study by TechRepublic revealed that low-code and no-code platforms have gained in popularity in the past few months.

Indeed, it was found out that 47% of people surveyed are currently using low-code and no-code platforms within their organizations. Among those who are still not using them, 20% stated that they intend on adopting the technology in the next year.

Moreover, the study showed that low-code and no-code platforms are mainly used to automate workflow, create new applications, speed up development time, and automate data collection and reporting. Besides, these platforms can be beneficial to developers by reducing their workload and helping to connect inter-departmental applications, workflows, and business processes.

It was also reported that organizations that use the technology can benefit from improved productivity, less application development time, as well as automated manual processes.

There is still however a worry that these platforms will result in fewer developer jobs.