Millions opt out of NHS data-sharing scheme after backlash


It was recently found out that more than a million people opted out of the NHS data-sharing plan following the backlash against NHS Digital’s General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR).

Indeed, it was reported that a total of 107,249 people opted out during May, which increased to 1,275,153 in June. This happened after the scheme received significant criticism from technology experts, privacy campaigners, MPs, and doctors as the government was unable to explain the benefits of the programme.

It was explained that the data collected from GPs will be used for resource and care planning purposes, as well as for research for important diseases such as cancer and heart disease. However, the general message that got out was that the NHS would be using people’s data without their consent and abusing it by sharing it with private sector organizations.

As a result, the GPDPR scheme was put on hold pending revisions and tighter safeguards in July with no date for its induction.