MoD using new technologies to reinforce systems security


It was recently announced that the Defence and Security Accelerator has launched a new Innovation Focus Area in order to better protect systems against cyberattacks.

Indeed, it was reported that the new Innovation Focus Area will be run on the behalf of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and Defence Science and Technology. This new scheme aims to accelerate next-generation hardware and software technologies so as to address vulnerabilities in networks and systems.

It is expected for the initiative to receive up to £300,000 in funds across a nine-month contract period. If the proposals successfully achieve a technical demonstrator by the end of the 2023 fiscal year, further funding will be received.

Moreover, the new technologies used will be used to reduce the cyber threats and improve the defences against hostile actors as well as give the UK military confidence and assurance that it can withstand cyber-enabled attacks.

This initiative will then be encouraging software and hardware providers to start thinking about security and vulnerabilities from the start of the product development cycle.