More manufacturers to be using AI, data analytics, and cloud


A new study by Google Cloud revealed that leading manufacturers have increased their use of digital technologies due to the impact of the pandemic.

Indeed, it was reported that 76% of executives have started to embrace digital enablers such as artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and cloud. 64% of respondents stated to be using AI in their everyday operations in order to assist with business continuity, increase efficiency, as well as help employees be more productive and efficient.

The study showed that AI was mostly deployed in quality inspections, supply chain management, risk management, product and production line quality checks, and inventory management. AI can also be applied to many other use cases such as powering connected factories and assisting with predictive maintenance. Thus, it was stated that AI could be used to help builders reduce critical errors and prevent delays, as well as optimize energy consumption and support complex logistics.

Moreover, it was found out that the top three industries that are deploying AI the most are automotive/OEMs, automotive suppliers, and makers of heavy machinery. AI is also most used in Italy, followed closely by Germany, France, U.K., and then the U.S.

However, businesses often face challenges such as lacking skilled employees to implement AI, not having the proper IT infrastructure in place, as well a too high cost.