More students took computing for their A-levels in 2021


Following the A-level results in the UK, it was noticed that an increasing number of students were taking computing compared to the previous year.

Indeed, it was reported that 13,829 students in the UK in total took computing at A-level. Although a rise in the number of girls taking computing has been witnessed in the past few years with 2.031 females choosing the course in 2021, the subject still remains more popular for boys than girls.

The number of girls taking computing as well as other science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM)-based subjects has noticeably increased over the years. However, it still remains lowers than the number of boys. It was found out that more boys than girls choosing to study mathematics and physics while more girls than boys choose chemistry and biology.

Despite the desire to encourage more girls and young women to take STEM subjects and consider computing careers, there is still an important gender gap in this area. The rising numbers of female students choosing to study computing at A-level and as a degree will hopefully lead to an increasingly diverse workforce in tech industries.