Andrew Stickland

Director of Client Services (International)
Contrast Security

Andrew Stickland is the Director of Client Services at Contrast Security and has over three decades of experience in the software development arena. With roles from Application Developer through Development Manager, Technical Account and Enterprise Account Manager he has both created applications and supported their value realisation over the years. Andrew is a passionate advocate for Application Security and making the world a safer place. Andrew says “For me, Application Security is a Quality challenge and, like bugs, Vulnerabilities (and thus AppSec) really needs to be owned by development teams. AppSec has always been an inherent part of the DevOps premise but we have a way to go”

Case Study: How BMW Shifted Application Security Left to Lower Cost While Reducing Security Debt

Join Contrast Security’s Director of Client Services Andrew Stickland who will discuss how a multinational Automative Manufacturer is realising significant business outcomes by using Contrast’s Application Security Platform. This case study will explore why they embraced security instrumentation from traditional application security models, how they implemented Contrast and adopted it as an application security standard, and how Contrast has helped reduce security debt while lowering risk.