Andrzej Czerwinski
Head of Digital Platform Engineering
British Gas

I’ve been at British Gas, Centrica, for a long time, starting from a developer working in Broadvision to currently being the Product Owner for the consumer facing British Gas API. I have a penchant for system administration and debugging of server/application software issues . I believe coding, debugging, infrastructure support and configuration management is an art and its most extreme cases a form of creation. The level of achievement I feel after finding a solution to a problem that has been vexing me for a few days always astounds me. Passionate about new technologies: frontend frameworks, microservices architectures and container orchestration. We’ve currently moved to using Kubernetes and for our orchestration of our microservices and the organisation has started it transition to DevOps”


Guerrilla DevOps: Working in an Agile way in none Agile Organisations

“This talk will give you an overview of how the move to DevOps can feel like a continual battle even though we are all looking for the same thing: a performant and stable production environment. The difference is the amount of processes of one methodology which tends to slow, frustrate and not trust the other”