Aneesha D’souza
Agile Transformation Lead
British Telecom

A passionate IT delivery professional with 13 years of experience managing large and complex enterprise IT application programmes – been Agile for 7 years now and loving every bit of leading the transformation for Openreach at BT Technology. Currently transforming a 2500+ account in a cross geography, multi partner environment from Waterfall to Agile and discovering the challenges it poses along the way! Invigorated everyday to bring new and effective ways of working to li


Making an Enterprise Agile Transformation Stick

This presentation will talk about the ground up change with key leadership buy in that we’ve been working on – how it’s not just about lighting several tiny agile fires, but to also solve for grizzlies at the org level, to trust the teams and create systems that enable autonomy without being dictatorial and to still have enough at the tips of Leadership’s fingers to keep the business moving forward. It’s a journey on moving from the state of a severity 1 issue causing all transformation to take a backseat, to no Agile teams being responsible and moving it forward. And then it leads into a consolidation via Value Streas (very SAFe yes) – but also gives that space for innovation with Spotify elements. How we created a model that possibly works for large enetrprises – This is change that’s here to stay and how we are making it happen by way of People, Processes, Technology and Mindset!