Bogdan Grigorescu
Head of QA | AI Systems

Bogdan has lead the implementation of AI platform at M&S underpinning conversational experiences for customers calling retail stores and the contact centre.

Prior to M&S, Bogdan has built enterprise platforms and managed automation projects delivering superior customer experiences at Apple, Betfair and several blue chip organisations across industries.

He started his career in industrial robotics for strategic industries and later moved into contact centre technologies and machine learning.


Conversational experiences delivered

M&S has adopted Artificial Intelligence for Retail Stores and Customer Services as part of the enterprise digital transformation programme.

The solution runs on a custom-build, multi-cloud platform fondly called ‘Ava’. Its success exceeded expectations on all counts: customer engagement and satisfaction as well as operational efficiency.

The presentation gives insights into what makes Ava and its ecosystem special: the people, the processes and the tools.