Bruce Richardson
Principal DevOps Consultant

Bruce is the principal DevOps consultant at IndigoBlue. He has been working on large scale, automated application infrastructures since 2004. He has worked at start-ups, luxory online retailers (Net-A-Porter) and large scale UKGov Digital programmees. At Fotango he designed the infrastructure for one of the first PaaS platforms. He has also been a trainer, a visiting lecturer at several universities and writes articles for technical magazines.


Tone, words and intentions: getting the message right in DevOps

Communication is a key DevOps principle. Not just the regular inter-team communication, but also the clear communication of culture, principles and objectives across the organisation. Yet many organisations get that communication wrong in ways that can subvert a transformation process: sometimes disastrously. Even consultants can get it wrong, which is particularly tragic for them.

Bruce Richardson, who has been a participant in several large DevOps transformations as a permanent employee and now as a senior consultant at IndigoBlue, talks about the dangers, the disasters and ways to avoid them.

Hosting Workshop

Recruiting and retaining DevOps engineers

Any organisation undergoing a DevOps transformation faces some significant staffing problems, including:

  • Keeping the staff they don’t want to lose
  • Finding the new staff they need to extend the organisation’s skill pool, whether as permanent employees or contractors.
  • Integrating these two groups

This interactive workshop looks at those challenges, the problems caused if they aren’t properly addressed, and some useful solutions.  Bruce Richardson, Principal DevOps Consultant at IndigoBlue, has been involved in a succession of DevOps recruitment processes; sometimes as a permanent employee and sometimes as a consultant, and he will share his own experiences as well as guiding participants in finding their own solutions.