Chris Urwin
Director Field Engineering
Rancher Labs

Chris Urwin is Rancher Labs global Director of Field Engineering and has been working in application and infrastructure delivery across public and private organisations for 20 years including NHS Digital and Unisys.


Migrating Existing Applications to Kubernetes

Containers help teams develop, package, and deploy software in environments ranging from personal laptops to data centrestalk.  They can help improve release velocity, reduce resource consumption, and encourage modular, flexible application design.  However, migrating existing applications to containers is not without logistical challenges.

In this talk, Chris Urwin (Director Field Engineering at Rancher Labs) will look at the areas that should be considered when moving to containers including:

Programming languages
Persistent storage
Servers vs Services

Hosting Workshop

Operational Resilience with Rancher and Kubernetes

Looking to improve your Rancher and Kubernetes skills? Join Rancher at NDC for an instructor led, interactive Kubernetes workshop.
In this session we will examine some of the features that Rancher has in its latest release that focus on improving operational resilience for applications and clusters built on Kubernetes. Topics covered will include improvements to Enterprise Authentication and delivery of Multi-Cluster Applications.