Christina Ohanian

Agile Coach

Circus Street


Embracing Change: The challenges of changing ‘traditional’ mindsets

In the course of my work, I’m often asked how companies can embed and drive greater understanding, awareness and success of new practices and ways of working especially in the agile space. For many organisations, who have been used to following more traditional and rigid approaches to software delivery, it can be challenging and very demanding when it comes to implementing change.

Legacy ways of working become entrenched, & change can feel impossible especially in companies especially with many siloed departments. With new technology overturning industries at a blinding speed most companies with more traditional mindsets struggle to keep up – let alone get ahead, especially when you bring quality into the picture.

So what holds companies back from making the shift toward agile thinking? ‘Radical’ change is seen as a big ask in terms of culture, time & resource – not to mention risk, which can produce a lot of resistance to adopting an agile approach. In truth, there’s no single or simple answer, but as a former Head of testing and current Agile Coach, here’s my take on it.

Change is scary. Change however is inevitable & learning to embrace change is a healthy & urgent necessity. Without innovation & development, companies would ultimately stagnate & would never survive. For me, success comes down to four key things that are vital to help drive change in mindsets: Value, Trust, Time & Flexibility.

In this talk I’ll dive into each of the four key elements above, sharing practices & exemplifying how they have impacted growth and transformation in my current organisation. I want the audience to take away ideas & ways of working helping lead & drive change within their own teams & companies.


Christina is passionate about building and supporting self organising teams and individuals from the ground up. Having started her career in software testing, embedding and building communities of practice she very soon discovered that as much as she loved being a tester her purpose was destined towards a different direction. She is now an Agile Coach and an active member of the Agile community of practice. She loves coaching and learning about people, their passions and what motivates them. She speaks and run workshops and also runs her very own games event #play14 London. Christina is also a Graphics Illustrator and enjoys bringing this into the workspace to run meetings and help teams collaborate.